Thinking BIGGER

Do you ever meet people that just think sooooo small? They’re always so negative, pessimistic, the real life “Debbie Downers”?! In this business I come across so many people that have been told “NO” so many times, when I tell them “YES” they’re automatically skeptical. Always looking for the flaw, waiting anxiously for the planContinue reading “Thinking BIGGER”

D.T.R-Defining The Relationship

I know, I know, I sound like a teen movie. It’s so cliche of me *insert eye rolling emoji* right? But this has been a tough week in showing me true value in relationships I have/had. The smoke and mirrors in my world have been lifted and I’m seeing real people, and real situations. SoContinue reading “D.T.R-Defining The Relationship”

The Revolution will be Televised….

I’m not going to start by saying “this isn’t your typical [insert niche] blog”. That’s far too cliché’. Reality is, I don’t really know what direction this blog will go. There are so many layers to the Krystal onion (thank you Shrek!) I’m not sure where I will take you, or what part of meContinue reading “The Revolution will be Televised….”