Thinking BIGGER

Do you ever meet people that just think sooooo small? They’re always so negative, pessimistic, the real life “Debbie Downers”?! In this business I come across so many people that have been told “NO” so many times, when I tell them “YES” they’re automatically skeptical. Always looking for the flaw, waiting anxiously for the plan to go awry. See this beauty here? She carries a piece of my soul, but when I met her eons ago, I couldn’t even get her to smile in pictures. My, how far we have come! Her mind has transformed, she is open to any, and EVERYTHING. Trust me. I hit her with the WILDEST of conundrums, and she has ALWAYS followed through. Saying I am excited for her bigger thinking and her forward movement, but excited doesn’t encompass the pride. It is amazing how surrounding yourself with the right people can really transform your thought process and catapult you into a new dimension of opportunity.


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