Shifting Focus

So, I’ve been bouncing ideas off one of my fellow Momprenuer lately, and listening to her talk about “shifting focus” from one audience to another, has got me thinking of my own audience. When I sit here and tell you I’m “for the people”, it’s been about generally EVERYONE. I’ve been all inclusive; any gender, any race, any familial status, any orientation. Really, because I legit, don’t care who needs the message, everyone should have it. But now I’m thinking, “well, who really cares to hear this?” So here’s my dilemma; who is reading this? Am I hitting with moms starting a business? Are passersby finding a little humor here? Are you already successful people cracking up at my naivety? Am I writing for the millennial generation who’s only reading up to 140 characters (including emojis) at a time? Are you real readers enjoying my tangents?

In shifting my focus to be more conscious of who is actually picking up what I’m putting down, it requires me to step out of the box a little more going forward. I know, like how much more in depth could I be? In my videos you hear my kids crying in the background, sometimes my house is a mess, lots of times there are crumbs in my car, HOW MUCH MORE CAN I GIVE?? Well, honestly, a lot. Your glimpses are broad right now because my spectrum is broad. Once my niche is secured, things become a little more personal. When the focus is shifted, the content is shifted to accommodate my audience. See how that works?





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