Wine by 9

I’m not sure what’s come over me today, but, in the words of the great Jim Carey, “I’m feeling a little FRISKY!”. Well, probably more so RISKY! I have yelled for the millionth time this morning, my youngest INSISTS on sitting ON MY LAPTOP, not lap, laptop, and my oldest has called my name at least half a billion times, for nothing at all! Insane, right? When I have days like this, there is always one thing I can look forward to, and that is ‘wine by 9’. I don’t care what trials and tribulations have plagued me through my Sunday. All I know is that everyone better be in bed by 8 so I don’t miss the “wine down” for 9p. I stick to the “Wine by 9” schedule (and mentality) because it helps me get through the tougher days, it’s something I can look forward to. The wine, I don’t care much for, but the WINDING DOWN part is my serenity. What a way to #selfcare.

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