The Revolution will be Televised….

I’m not going to start by saying “this isn’t your typical [insert niche] blog”. That’s far too cliché’. Reality is, I don’t really know what direction this blog will go. There are so many layers to the Krystal onion (thank you Shrek!) I’m not sure where I will take you, or what part of me you will see. And you know what? That is perfectly fine. This is not for the entertainment of the masses, it’s not for informational or educational purposes, it’s not even for the bored moments in your day! You are going to see me at my best, at my worst, you’ll see me in all my pregnant glory beasting the Real Estate market with my well behaved children in tow. You’ll see me in my ‘new mom’ slump, baby hanging from a boob, forgetting field trips, meetings, and lunch money. You’ll watch me take my kids to museums to try and culture these fools. You’ll also watch me pull my hair out at the chaos 2 9 year olds and a toddler bring. My house is going to be spotless with a fresh vegan dinner complete by noon, or it’ll be upside down and the kids are eating double cheese burgers and Sprite. So, to hammer my point, I’m not sure what you’ll get here, but I promise you this, you’ll get all of me.





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